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Learning Resources

Digital Enterprise project site pages
Some of the Digital Enterprise sites have established web pages to showcase the work of participants.

Digital Enterprise Darwin
Corrugated Iron Youth Arts are running the Darwin program through the Nightcliff Library. Check out what project ideas they are sharing with all our sites.
For the younger group see their Repository of Cool
For the older group see their project page

Digital Enterprise Reservoir
Activities of Digital Enterprise participants at Reservoir Neighbourhood House.

Other resources
The Lab
Digital Enterprise is based on The Lab program, which is a technology club for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders. You will find a page of Lessons prepared by The Lab Mentors to introduce you to programming, and game design and much more. You will also find a video about the Lab which will show you what Digital Enterprise will be like.

Kahn Academy
Kahn Academy have online programming lessons.

Code Club Australia
A network of volunteer led coding clubs for children aged 9-11. Their website contains learning and teaching materials.